The objective of this course is to provide new or existing users the essentials of heat exchanger design and features of using PV Elite®, resulting in optimum design at the most productive way. In addition, the course will also focus on tube bundle components stress analysis through design calculation evaluation.


Who Should Attend (Pre-requisite)?

New or existing users with up to 1 year experience in using PV Elite © software in shell & tube heat exchanger design.


Course Outline:

In these three (3) consecutive days, you will be able to:

  • Basic configurations of Fixed tube heat exchanger
  • Understand the type of heat transfer equipment, basic operation of S & T heat exchanger- different configuration (fixed tubesheet, U-tube and floating head), flow arrangement, heat transfer mechanism, Industrial applications.
  • Understand basic features and components functions and tube arrangement of Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger for industrial applications.
  • Understand design procedures for a shell & tube heat exchanger – Process design, thermal design, codes and standards (TEMA, ASME UHX) and customer specifications. (Note: TEMA and ASME UHX are common codes for heat exchanger design in Malaysia) Topics will expose users to ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1, Part UHX and TEMA code.
  • Body flange design based on Appendix 2.
  • Membrane stresses at the shell and tube due to internal and external pressures.
  • Bending and shear stresses and required thicknesses for fixed tubesheets due to internal and external pressure at shell and channel sides (design loading and operating loading cases)
  • Mean metal temperature, axial stress due to differential thermal expansion at shell and tubes, buckling at tubes, design and application of expansion joint to reduce the axial stresses at tubesheets and tubes.
  • The stresses – axial membrane and axial bending stresses at shell or channel integral with tubensheet.
  • Different between TEMA and ASME UHX codes dealing calculations related fix tubesheets thicknesses.
  • Tube to tubesheet joint strength – expansion joint (Appendix A), weld joint (UW-12).