This advanced course will involve in depth analysis and re-modelling of existing basic stress calculations provided for each example

Over this period of 3 days, the following topics will be introduced at the appropriate section of modelling or analysis for the specific study in hand.


The topics shall include as follows:


Dynamic analysis theory

  • Types of loads
  • Evaluation of system responses
  • Sources of dynamic loading
  • Modes and mode shapes
  • Modal Analysis
  • Example to determine the natural frequency of the piping system


Building dynamic analysis models

  • Harmonic load analysis and forced vibration
  • Frequency and displacement input
  • Using static and dynamic combinations
  • Examination of results and modification of input parameters
  • Solutions to vibration problems
  • Impulse analysis
  • Slug flow modelling
  • Derivation of slug data
  • Seismic analysis using the response spectrum method
  • Evaluating PSV/relief valve discharge
  • Time history analysis
  • Incorporating derived hammer loads, and Input at calculated time intervals
  • Evaluation of impact loads



1) The dynamics portions of this course will be introduced within specific sections of the equipment discussion in no particular order

2) A basic stress model for each exercise will be provided, the participants will be able to modify the model/s as the training progresses.


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