This advanced course will involve in depth analysis and re-modelling of existing basic stress calculations provided for each example

Over this period of 3 days, the following topics will be introduced at the appropriate section of modelling or analysis for the specific study in hand.

The topics shall include as follows:


Chosen option :

a) Vessels and Tanks

b) Shell and Tube heat exchangers


Exercise – Static Equipment

  • Develop specific load cases for this static analysis
  • Imposed thermal displacements
  • Analyze the system and identify the problem areas from the base piping model built.
  • Understanding the various types of flanges in industry
  • The methodology behind flange leakage analysis
  • Review the calculation & output results
  • The linear and non-linear methodology of analysis
  • Determine problem areas and planning for the remedy
  • Include local vessel flexibilities using eg.WRC 297
  • Evaluation of local vessel stresses according to eg.WRC 107
  • Re-review output results and finalise the calculation


Note : A basic stress model for each exercise will be provided, the participants will be able to modify the model/s as the training progresses.