Editions: Professional and Standard


Intergraph CADWorx E&I includes the most complete tools for efficient instrument and electrical design. It is easy to learn and has helped hundreds of companies create revenue-earning deliverables more quickly and accurately.


Complete and Integrated E&I Environment

CADWorx E&I has an integrated instrumentation and electrical environment, saving time and money by improving coordination and reducing implementation costs. It is ideal for any size of project right out of the box!


Although an integrated E&I solution, functionality is never sacrificed for either instrumentation or electrical disciplines. Both disciplines have full access to all the capabilities of the product, thereby removing false barriers and allowing the solution to be tailored to each company’s needs.


Graphical & Data-centric Capabilities

Users can work the way they need to get the job done. They can input their electrical and instrumentation designs graphically, while the system creates rich data content, or they can input engineering data while the system coordinates and builds graphical output.


Built in Object-oriented Database

CADWorx E&I comes with an integrated object-oriented database requiring no additional operational overhead or expense. This technology allows designers and engineers to fully interact, and makes all data and documents always available. This promotes higher levels of consistency, diminishes data loss or corruption, and makes information distribution and sharing easier.


Powerful Graphics Engine included

CADWorx E&I includes a powerful built-in graphics engine for quick creation of drawings. Because these drawings are part of the database, any drawings affected by any changes are quickly and automatically updated.


Integral Change Management

The data-centric approach of CADWorx E&I enables full control of revisions and archiving of legacy data. Because all items are data linked, all changes are tracked and their histories captured in the database.


Multiple Global and Project catalogs

The software’s flexibility allows multiple catalogs to be used, shared, or adapted company or project wide. Project-specific catalogs and reference data are stored with the project, ensuring that valuable information is not lost when projects are modified, transported, or reused.


Integrated Document Management

All documents and components are dynamically connected by their database relations. Users or managers can easily find any information they require. Drawings and data can be accessed via project web portals, with full markup capabilities, or via data packs containing hyperlinked PDFs.


Cross Referencing and Drawing Navigation

All related items and relations between the database, and its graphic objects, are automatically cross referenced as they are placed in the design. On-the-fly navigation is possible by clicking on any cross reference from either the database or any drawing.


Customizable Symbols

Over a thousand internationally recognized symbols are available with the ability to create, modify, duplicate, or delete symbols or symbol libraries. This flexibility allows for fast project startups and the ability to match client requirements.


Fully Intelligent Reuse of Information

Simple arrangements or complex circuit designs can be saved, with full intelligence, for repeated use on multiple projects. As these items are placed in the design, all components, wires, terminals, and connections are created automatically.


Configurable reports and bills of materials

Because every electrical and instrumentation component resides in the database, it is easy to create multiple reports, listings, and bills of material. Reports can even be created on-the-fly from selected objects on a drawing. All reports are fully customizable and can be run for any stage of the design for in-depth comparisons and analyses.


Multilanguage Output

CADWorx E&I lets companies create designs in one language and deliver in another. Adding terms and phrases to a user-configurable dictionary allows deliverables to be localized easily. This also lets global groups pool resources to deliver jobs worldwide.


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